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Class of 2004
Kim Churchill
Larry DeBarthe
Roger Gay
John Gese
Judy Henry
Robert Henry
Jodi Hultquist
Tamra Ingwaldsen
Julie Johnson
Morgan Johnson
Debora Juarez
Matthew Keough
Damon McAlister
Kathy Nelson
VernaRae Oraker
Wendy Priest
Tommy Rayfield
Greg Roberts
April Stevens-Myers
Lowell Sweet
Don Thornton
Kyle Welling
Michelle Yeoman

Project: Bremerton ALIVE Shelter and Garden Place
Julie Johnson, Wendy Priest, VernaRae Oraker, Rob Henry, Damon McAlister,
Lowell Sweet

The Bremerton ALIVE Play and Garden Place is an enhancement project that will provide a beautiful, safe, nurturing, fun garden and play area for women and children at the YWCA ALIVE Shelter. The project includes upgrading the children’s play area by providing a missing swing and slide and replacing wood chips with pea gravel. Landscaping will include planting several large shrubs for privacy, several small plants and a raised pea-patch garden for the children.

Project: Non-Profit Directory
Roger Gay, Debora Juarez, Matthew Keough, Kathy Nelson, Greg Roberts,
April Stevens-Meyers

A spirit of collaboration and much brainstorming led us to one conclusion: Worthy organizations need funds and support to get their work done! Our project, “Resources: A Directory for Kitsap County Non-Profits and Community Project Volunteers,” will be a handy reference, listing local service organizations and companies wishing to make the most difference possible by investing in our community. Our community partner is Kitsap Community Foundation. As with any community project, there is a wide group of participants who made this book possible - THANK YOU!

Project: A New Start
John Gese, Judy Henry, Jodi Hultquist, Tamra Ingwaldson, Morgan Johnson,
Tommy Rayfield

We partnered with Kitsap County Consolidated Housing, North Kitsap/Poulsbo Rotary, and North Kitsap/Bainbridge Island YWCA Alive Shelter. With the combined project the group took on the responsibility of developing a safe play area and play set for a newly renovated property to be used as a safe home for families leaving a domestic violence situation. The group’s goal was to make the families New Start more complete for the children by bringing the joy of play back into their lives.

Project: Bremerton Revitalization and Historical Monument
Kim Churchill, Larry DeBarthe, Don Thornton, Kyle Welling, Michelle Yeoman
We partnered with The Murals of Bremerton and the City of Bremerton to create an Art Deco themed portrait of Bremerton during the Harry Truman visit. The mural is located on the outside wall of the Soriano building and also commemorates on open air market operated by the Soriano Brothers. The team also has three benches donated by JPL Habitability. These benches are to be placed strategically by the City of Bremerton.


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