About the Signature Program

Leadership Kitsap Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 by community leaders, the Kitsap County Chambers of Commerce, and the United Way of Kitsap County. The mission of Leadership Kitsap is to promote informed and committed civic volunteerism. The 10-month long curriculum is designed to help participants acquire both a fuller sense of the critical issues affecting Kitsap County, and the leadership skills necessary to motivate and engage others in collaborative efforts to resolve them.

Candidate Selection Process

Leadership Kitsap class participants are selected through a competitive screening/interview process conducted by the Leadership Kitsap Foundation’s Board of Directors. Individuals will be chosen based on the following criteria: (1) commitment to civic involvement in Kitsap County, (2) potential for community leadership, and (3) professional and personal achievement.

Selection Criteria

Leadership Kitsap class participants are selected through a competitive screening/interview process conducted by the Board of Directors. A limited number of individuals will be selected based on select criteria, including the following: 1. Demonstrated commitment to civic involvement in Kitsap County, 2. Identified potential for community leadership, and 3. Demonstrated professional and personal achievement.

Non-Discrimination – Leadership Kitsap does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, or physical ability.

Applicants must have a sponsoring organization, oftentimes the applicant’s employer, or be sponsored or endorsed by a community organization. 

Questions? Ask us anything. info@leadershipkitsap.org

Applications for Class of 2025 OPEN NOW!

First, Download and Sign the Commitment Attestation Form – Commitment Form Click here

Now, Head over to the Online Application Application Click Here (January-April each year)

Note there is no “save” feature on this form. We suggest saving a copy of your work in a Word/Pages document to avoid any unforeseen delays.

Note the follow-up interview dates:  20-minute in-person/(hybrid as needed) application interviews will be scheduled annually in April.


Time commitment: Full participation by each member of Leadership Kitsap is critical. This includes attendance at the following Challenge Days.

Class of 2025 Schedule (specific dates defined on or after 3/7/24)
  • Orientation: Friday, August 2024 (3hr)
  • Opening Retreat Positive Leadership: Introduction: Friday, September 6, 2024
    & Saturday, September 7, 2024 (Overnight stay at Seabeck Conference Center)
  • Local Government Authenticity: Friday, October
  • Optional LK Alumni Fall Social Tuesday October 2024 @ 5:30pm
  • Projects Panel Friday October (1hr)
  • Education Purpose: Friday, November
  • Economics Advocacy: Friday, December
  • Healthy Community Resilience: Friday, January 2025
  • State Government: Wednesday, February (Trip to Olympia)
  • Law & Justice Community Building: Friday, March
  • Arts & Culture Reason: Friday, April 2025
  • Environment & Planning Gratitude: Friday, May 2025
  • Optional LK Alumni Spring Social Tuesday May 2025 @ 5:30pm
  • Personal Reflections Conclusion: Thriving: Friday,  May/June
  • Graduation Ceremony: Wednesday, June 2025 (Kiana Lodge, Poulsbo)

In addition to required in-person training days, each participant will have a small group to work on their community service project with. Time commitment and schedule is determined by the small group.

It is vital that the participant, their support systems and their employer understand and honor these commitments. If you are unable to commit to this schedule, please consider applying another time.

*Subject to Change with notice

Financial Commitment

Selection Process – Application is a two-part process: (1) submit an application to Leadership Kitsap and (2) a personal interview.

Tuition – Tuition for the next curriculum year is $3,250 (Class of 2025). The participant is responsible for at least $250 of the total amount. The balance is typically paid by the participant’s employer or sponsoring organization. Partial scholarships of up to 50% are available, based on scholarship fund availability. There are no refunds.

Confidentiality – All applications are handled respectfully and with appropriate confidentiality.

Help us recruit our next class!

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Apply for the Class of 2025 from now until April 1, 2024.