Leadership Kitsap Signature Program held Law & Justice Challenge Day on March 10, 2023 at the Kitsap County Administration Building in Port Orchard. The Class of 2023 took an in-depth look at Kitsap County’s law and justice institutions. It was a powerful day reflective of our Positive Leadership capacity, Community Building.

“Community Building is about providing people with a platform to be their best selves. The more meaningfully connected we are to our communities, the better versions of ourselves we become.” – Adam Seaman, Positive Leadership

Signature Curriculum Co-Chair Lowell Sweet (LK04) started us off facilitating a segment on our Positive Leadership capacity of Community Building.  Project Co-Chairs Alex Hardy (LK22) and Jay Reynolds (LK22) kicked off the day with community service project team reports and teamwork. Upon reflection, one participant shared, “Being a part of community is a major part of my life personally and professionally. I enjoy giving back and seeing my community become successful. Thank you to LK for letting me grow.”

Chief of Patrol Jeffrey Menge (LK17), facilitated a law enforcement panel discussion with Kitsap County Sheriff John Gese (LK04), Suquamish Police Chief Mike Lasnier, and Bainbridge Island Police Chief Joseph Clark. The panel addressed the challenges of working within recent Washington State legislation. Discussion about how various agencies collaborate to protect and serve reinforced the day’s Community Building theme.

Director of Court Services Christina Barone, Port Gamble Sk’lallam Tribe, Port Orchard Municipal court Judge Tim Drury (LK03) and District Court Judge Claire Bradley (LK07) participated in a Courts panel discussion reflecting on the many challenges of judicating during a pandemic. Both identified mental health issues as an increased public health crisis. Participants shared their joy of the realization that, “Kitsap county is a gem, they operate very differently than other courts.”

In the afternoon, the class was given a tour of the Kitsap County jail facility led by Chief of Corrections Penelope Sapp (LK11) and Sergeant Scott Billingsley (LK16) followed by a powerful discussion of re-entry and rehabilitation with Chief Sapp.

Our Law & Justice Challenge Day was an impactful and engaging day of learning how our community is coming together to serve, protect, defend, and restore Kitsap. Thank you to our many presenters, and to Kitsap County Administration for hosting us and the Kitsap County Deputy Sheriff’s Guild, and Sanchez, Mitchell, Eastman, & Cure for sponsoring the day.