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Clark Construction, Inc. is the Event Sponsor for the 2023 Leadership Kitsap 20 Under 40 Awards. With their generous contribution at the helm, Leadership Kitsap can once again recognize 20 incredible people under the age of 40 investing their talents in Kitsap County.

Clark Construction was formed in 2006 by Rachele Turnbull and her father, Fred Clark. Rachele had a construction engineering management degree from Oregon State University, (inducted into their Academy of Distinguished Engineers in 2021),  and had been working in the industry for a number of years–first in high-tech commercial construction, then as a building inspector, and later in residential and multi-family construction. A desire to work side-by-side with her father during the final years of his career was the catalyst for launching the company.  Her vision for Clark Construction was simple – to put people first.  She would build a company that is well-respected in the industry and geared toward stewardship – promoting the well-being of its employees, its community, and the world at large.

Clark seeks to make a positive impact in the industry in which they work and the communities in which they live. They do this by listening to their clients, offering quality and value in a timely manner, and being good stewards of their resources.  Maintaining the highest level of professionalism, they earn repeat and referral business through client satisfaction in all areas including timeliness, quality, and value.

Long-lasting, positive relationships are cultivated with their trade partners through integrity, honesty, and transparency.”

A focus on sustainable building practices and waste mitigation is at the core of the company in order to build a better future for the next generation.

Clark Construction is an employee-owned company, recently evolving into an incorporated entity in order to expand employee ownership opportunities.  Clark embraces inclusiveness, from their employees’ backgrounds to their skills and talents.  They have built a diverse and successful organization; the company is composed of over 30% women and nearly 50% of the company consists of women, minority, and individuals with underrepresented identities. They are known to attract top talent at every level of the organization. From the craftsmen on every jobsite, to the front-office staff, to the executives who direct the business, Clark is successful because of the people who work there.

Clark Construction Inc. offers top-level project managers and exceptional construction teams with experience in a broad range of projects and companies. Their managers have worked in every building industry segment and size throughout the country. Their field teams are highly skilled professionals with a proven passion for building and exceptional attention to detail and quality.  They’ve built many great projects over their first 16 years. From custom-designed luxury homes to large-scale commercial structures to high-quality apartments and condominiums, they’ve helped create outstanding spaces that have earned recognition for their quality and sustainability. The multi-award winning Loom House, which was the first residential renovation in the country to be awarded the Living Building Challenge certification through net positive energy and water, food production and adhering to a strict materials red list; the recently completed award-winning reHOME project, which sought to ease the housing crisis and keep waste out of landfills by using repurposed materials to create tiny homes for farm workers; and the multi-family 7th Haven net zero, transitional and low-income apartment complex currently under construction in Port Townsend, are just a few of Clark’s projects that show their commitment to sustainability, a pension for diversity, and their ability to value the uniqueness of each project they take on.

Clark Construction nurtures a culture of volunteerism, donating substantial company resources, time, and energy to various philanthropic causes in local communities. They also work to increase respect for the trades and encourage our youth to enter this vital and much-needed career path by offering internships, training programs, and scholarships. Their penchant for helping others has been a part of Clark’s identity from its inception and it is the ability to appreciate the value of each person and each community that will continue to set Clark apart.

Clark Construction Inc

THANK YOU to our Event Sponsor: Clark Construction, Inc.!