Congratulations! You’ve been nominated for Leadership Kitsap 20 Under 40! What an honor to be nominated for this prestigious community recognition. Here are some tips to make your application stand out with our judges!

  1. How did you earn your first dollar? Don’t miss the opportunity to share a memorable story by just putting a one-word answer. These stories stick with the reader!
  2. Your nominator only had 250 words or less to share why they think you should be considered for this award. They may only know one aspect of how you are making an impact in your community. This is your opportunity to tell us more!
  3. Don’t be shy! We know you are a humble leader, but we really do want to know what makes you stand out as one of our region’s brightest leaders! How are you making a positive impact on your company, organization, or industry?
  4. Your Linked-In profile may be awesome, but our judges might not see it if they print your application or don’t click on the link. Write what you want them to see in your application.
  5. Your resume is not required, but is accepted. Share it if you think it helps complete your story, but the weight of your application should be what is written in your application.
  6. It’s not all about you. Well sort of. If you are apprehensive about applying because you aren’t comfortable with the spotlight, these awards not only recognize you, they are a wonderful reflection and promotion of the business, organization, or industry you represent!
  7. A letter or recommendation is not required, but is accepted. Is there someone that can help complete your story, share your impact?
  8. This application takes some time and thoughtfulness. Don’t procrastinate!
  9. Follow directions. Don’t leave any spaces blank. Save as a .pdf. Return by the deadline.
  10. You were nominated in the past and were not selected. Do not be disheartened. If you still meet the requirements, haven’t aged out, apply again using some of these tips. We get so many great applicants it is a grueling process to narrow our honorees down to just 20!

Good luck!